The company invests in increasing competitiveness in the market of high grades of steel

Turkish special steel producer Hasçelik has chosen electric arc furnace technology from Tenova and ABB for its new steel plant in Osmanel. Renewable Energy Magazine informs about it.

The new line will include a Consteel electric arc furnace equipped with a Consteerrer electromagnetic steel stirring system jointly developed by ABB and Tenova, a ladle furnace and a double vacuum degasser. All units will be interconnected, they will be controlled by a modern automation system to optimize the process and produce high-quality steel grades.

The facility selected by Hasçelik will be Turkiye’s first EAF with continuous loading, which will take advantage of the Consteel furnace to address the problem of declining scrap availability and quality.

«With this, the Hasçelik project invests in increasing its competitiveness in the market of high grades of steel. The characteristics of the scrap in terms of purity and density are actually deteriorating, and Consteel technology is fundamental to maintaining high production quality,” noted David Masoero, regional manager of Tenova in Europe for the production of electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces.

Hasçelik has production facilities in Istanbul and Konya, as well as nine warehouses in seven provinces of Turkiye. In addition to the production and supply of special steel, the company is also engaged in the sale and distribution of seamless pipes.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the Turkish integrated steel producer Kardemir aims to become a global company, which will be at the forefront of the country’s industry. The company’s goal is to increase the production of products with high added value to 3.5 million tons and expand the assortment.