seamless pipes

Centravis reduced production of stainless pipes by 9% in 2020
The Company’s output is scheduled to reach 17.5 thousand tons in 2021
ЕЭК продлила пошлины на украинские нержавеющие трубы
EEC extends duties on Ukrainian stainless pipes
The import duty has been extended for the period of anti-dumping re-investigation
Украина продлила ограничения на импорт нержавеющих труб из КНР
Ukraine extends restrictions on stainless pipes imports from China
The anti-dumping duties have been extended for another 5 years
«Сентравис» отмечает падение спроса на бесшовные нержавеющие трубы в Украине (c) centravis
Centravis reported a drop in Ukraine’s demand for seamless pipes of...
The Company estimates a decline in domestic sales of seamless pipes of stainless steel at about 30% in 2020
ЕЭК начала повторное антидемпинговое расследование по украинским трубам (c)
EEC initiates repeated anti-dumping investigation concerning Ukrain...
The reason is the expiry of the safeguard measures
Украина освободила от пошлин некоторый импорт бесшовных труб из Китая (c)
Ukraine exempted from duty some Chinese importers of seamless pipes
The reason is the incurrence of voluntary price liabilities by Chinese suppliers
Украина полностью исчерпала квоту на поставку безшовных труб в ЕС (c)
Ukraine completely exhausted the country quota for exports of stain...
The export quota for non-alloy wire and hollow sections will soon be filled too
Украина полностью исчерпала квоту на поставку нержавеющих труб в ЕС
Ukraine completely exhausted the quota for exports of stainless pip...
The quota for non-alloy wire exports will soon be filled too
ЕС снизил антидемпинговые пошлины на украинские трубы до 8,1% ©
The EU reduces anti-dumping duties on Ukrainian pipes to 8.1%
The review of the duties was initiated by Ukrainian Interpipe
Vallourec Niko Tube вышел на проектную мощность в 120 тыс т труб в год©
Vallourec Niko Tube has reached the annual planned capacity of 120 ...
Niko Tube will annually produce up to 120 thousand tons of pipes for the EU, the U.S. and the Middle East markets
МЭРТ: антидемпинговое расследование по импорту труб из Китая ©
Ukraine launches anti-dumping investigation into imports of Chinese...
Prices for Chinese pipes are lower than the cost of domestic products