Salzgitter will replace the blast furnace A lining

At the same time, the company will resume the operation of blast furnace C, which has been idle since 2019
Salzgitter and Canada’s Baffinland will cooperate in the production of green steel

The Salzgitter Group aims to achieve practically zero carbon emissions by 2033
The German Salzgitter reduced steel production by 6% y/y in January-September 2022

At the same time, financial indicators and the volume of external sales increased

Salzgitter and Sunfire completed green hydrogen project

Almost 100 tons of hydrogen gas have been used in annealing processes and galvanizing plants
The EC will allocate €1 billion in state aid to Germany for the decarbonization of Salzgitter

The steel company plans to modernize existing facilities and build a large plant for the production of green hydrogen

Salzgitter plans to get the German authorities to cancel gas rationing

The company claims that its production is strategically necessary for Germany's energy security plans and local district heating

Salzgitter invests €700 million in the low-carbon steel production

The company plans to reduce emissions by 95%

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