russian agression

The Netherlands allocated €80 million for Ukraine to overcome the consequences of the war

Since the beginning of the war, military support from the Netherlands has amounted to €210 million

Ukraine signed a memorandum with Turkey on infrastructure restoration

Turkey initially plans to rebuild a bridge near the city of Bucha

The Verkhovna Rada supported the simplification of the bankruptcy procedure during martial law

Adoption of the draft law will enable arbitration managers to exercise their powers in a bankruptcy case without an additional appeal to the court

65% of small and medium-sized businesses have resumed work – EBA

Every fifth company lost more than $100,000 after the start of the war.

Canada blocked $320 million of Russian assets within existing sanctions

The total amount of blocked assets is hundreds of billions of dollars

Parliament supported the extension of martial law until November 21

The Verkhovna Rada also extended the terms of the general mobilization

The Russian Federation authorities predict an 8-year stagnation of steel industry due to sanctions

Russian steelmakers need more than 10 years to import replacement of key equipment

The USA allocated $4.5 billion for Ukraine to cover the state budget deficit

The government of Ukraine will receive the first tranche of $3 billion in August

Turkish traders plan to sell Russian steel to the EU to circumvent sanctions

Turkey has sent a working group to the Russian Federation to resolve the issue of Russian goods

Global economic growth will slow to 2.8% in 2022 – EIU

Such a forecast is based on expectations that hostilities in Ukraine will end no earlier than the end of 2022

Ukraine received €500 million macro-financial assistance from the European Union

On August 2, it is planned to receive another €500 million

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