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Every fifth company lost more than $100,000 after the start of the war.

65% of small and medium-sized businesses have fully or partially resumed work. These are the results of the European Business Association’s (EBA) poll.

Only every twentieth stated that there were no losses due to the war. 27% valued losses up to $10,000, 28% – in the range of $10,000-50,000, another 13% – $50,000-100,000, and 20% – more than $100,000.

Compared to May, the number of companies that have fully resumed work has increased.

“28% have resumed their work in full, 37% – partially, and 16% of small and medium-sized businesses are still not working. Compared to May, the number of companies that have resumed full work increased, because in May 21% of companies worked fully, 38% – partially, and 17% did not work at all,” the EBA notes.

22% of surveyed businesses have suffered damage to property or assets as a result of hostilities. 23% of them are currently at the stage of fixing losses, and 11% have turned to law enforcement agencies. The other 63% did not take any action aimed at fixing or compensating for losses as a result of hostilities. At the same time, 14% of companies inform that they have offices or factories in the occupied territories.

Entrepreneurs’ assessment of their own financial stability remains restrained.

“7% report that their financial reserves will be enough for several months, previously it was 34%. Another 11% have reserves for one month, and the other 20% – for half a year. Only 6% have enough financial reserves for a year or more. The number of companies that have exhausted their reserves has slightly increased compared to May – from 29% to 32%,” the EBA notes.

As GMK Center wrote before, 661 enterprises moved to safe regions to the west of Ukraine in mid-July. Currently, 458 enterprises are already operating, and another 475 are looking for a location to relocate their facilities or determine a method of transportation.