mining & metals sector of Ukraine

In 2021 iron & steel sector generated one third of Ukraine’s e...
Ukrainian iron & steel companies also invested $2.0 bln in 2021
Ukraine increased production of rolled products by 5% in 11M
Production of steel and pig iron also went up
Ukraine’s revenues from iron ore exports declined by 20% in November
Iron ore export volumes grew 18% in the same period
Ukraine’s M&A market hiked by 80% in 2021
The largest deal of the year is the purchase of Dniprovskyi Iron and Steel Works by Dniprovskyi Coke Plant
Prices at coke plants rose by 17% in October
Average salaries in Ukraine’s mining & metals sector increased in all segments
Ukraine’s mining & metals companies are about to complete mode...
Average annual capital investment in the mining & metals sector has reached $2 billion in 2010–2020
Sizable contribution — how much and in what mining & metals co...
The mining & metals sector seeks to develop production of high value-added products
Capital investment in the steel industry grew 38% in 9M
Steelmakers invested ₴16.4 billion in production development in 9M
Ukraine increased coke production by 5% in October
In 10M, coke production remained at the level of the previous year
The future focus of investments in the mining & metals sector
A comprehensive policy is important to reduce dependence on market factors, ensure sustainability and investments