lime industry
The supply of limestone by railway in January-August decreased by 21% y/y

In August, 276,000 tons of limestone were delivered, which is 11% more than in August 2022
Lime deliveries by rail increased by 15% m/m in July

In 7 months, these indicators decreased by 11% in annual terms
Lime deliveries by rail in the first half of 2023 decreased by 19% y/y

The main consumers of lime by rail, as well as in the market as a whole, remain enterprises of the steel complex
The supply of limestone by railway in January-April decreased by 54% y/y

In April 2023, deliveries increased by 13% compared to March

Limestone shipments by rail decreased by 31% y/y in January-April

The main consumers were the enterprises of the steel sector
Deliveries of limestone by railway decreased by 56% y/y in 2022

Limestone production decreased by 61% y/y over the past year