MENA region can become a leader in the production of DRI and green steel

The Middle East and North Africa have good opportunities, but competition is intensifying
Demand for steel in the MENA region will grow by 0.6% y/y in 2023 – forecast

The impact of global factors will have a more serious impact on demand in North Africa
Impact of Russian-Ukrainian war on global iron & steel trade flows

Disruptions in supply chain are not the main problem now. War worsens current economic situation globally
MENA rebar producers are losing $50-70 million per month due to changes in global trade flows

Exporters from India, Turkiye and the Russian Federation are more active in the MENA market
MENA region lost 1.7 million tons of iron ore due to the blocking of Ukrainian ports – Stanislav Zinchenko

Only the unblocking of the Black Sea ports will allow to return iron ore from Ukraine to the market of the Middle East and North Africa
The MENA region is a potential new hub for green steel

Since mid-2020, hydrogen projects worth more than $70 billion have been announced in the region

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fastmarkets Middle East Iron & Steel Conference 2022

Overview of steel production in the Middle East, analysis of raw material markets, sustainable development and factors of steel consumption in the region