iron ore concentrate

Ferrexpo ожидает рост производства окатышей во втором полугодии 2021 года
Ferrexpo expects an increase in iron ore pellets production in H2 2021
Modernization of the pelletizer is scheduled for H1, which will increase the annual output of iron ore pellets by 0.5–1 million tons
«АрселорМиттал» досрочно выполнил годовой план по выпуску концентрата
ArcelorMittal fulfills its annual concentrate production plan ahead...
The Company produced 10 million tons of concentrate as of 10 December
Ferrexpo в январе-октябре увеличила выпуск окатышей на 3,5% (c)
Ferrexpo increased production of iron ore pellets by 3.5% in Januar...
Iron ore concentrate production in the same period also increased
Poltava Mining to invest $34 million in a concentrate stockyard
The plant is completing the first phase of construction
Экспорт руды из Украины в 2019 году вырос на 18,5% (c)
Ukraine’s exports of iron ore increased by 18.5% in 2019
China bought more than a third of Ukrainian raw materials
Iron ore mining fell by 0.1% in 10 months
Production of non-agglomerated iron ore concentrates increased by 4.9%
Южный ГОК нарастил выпуск концентрата на 0,5% до 1,047 млн т ©
Southern GOK increased production of iron ore concentrate by 0.5%
The company cut production of sinter ore by 26.4%, down to 111.6 thousand tons