financial aid

UK to give Ukraine $525 million loan guarantees

Thus, the volume of the UK economic and humanitarian assistance to our will reach $1.8 billion

Declared financial aid to Ukraine reaches $30 billion

International partners have already provided Ukraine with $7.4 billion to cover the state budget deficit

European Union will provide €9 billion aid to Ukraine this week, – Bloomberg

The new package includes 25-year loans with a 10-year grace period to pay the loan principal

Metinvest donated 120 thermal imagers to Ukrainian military

The equipment was supplied from various countries: Bulgaria, Germany and the USA

Centravis bought UAH 3.3 million worth equipment for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

They supplied protective ammunition to company’s employees and other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Interpipe provided equipment to 540 mobilized employees

More than Interpipe’s 780 employees defende the country in Armed Forces and Territorial Defense

Metinvest donated 10 million worth drones and night vision devices to army

Ukraine’s Ground Forces received a new set of military equipment

G7 to allocate $18.4 billion to support Ukraine’s state budget

G7 finance ministers said they to stand by Ukraine throughout the war and beyond and are prepared to do more as needed

US Senate approves $40 billion aid for Ukraine

Of this money, $8.8 billion is for direct economic assistance

Metinvest donated 1,000 sets of special equipment for the defense of Ukraine

The cost of equipment sent to the Ministry of Defense was $2.5 million

Ferrexpo provided humanitarian aid for displaced people in Poltava region

Poltava hosted more than 113 thousand internally displaced people, of which more than 60 thousand children of different ages

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