European Steel Conference

Ugur Dalbeler: “There will be further production cuts in steel sector”
Çolakoğlu Metalurji`s CEO spoke about steelmakers` perspectives for 2020
Robert J. Mateer: “Steel will win out over aluminum in the automotive”
Global Steel Solutions president spoke about automotive industry perspectives for 2020
Green steel
Green steel production in Europe and in Ukraine
The steel industry will go green — in Ukraine too
Voestalpine сократит выбросы СО2 на 80% до 2050 года (c) GMK Center
Voestalpine will reduce CO2 emissions by 80% to 2050
The company spends €100 mln annually to purchase CO2 emission quotas
Liberty Steel wants to switch to carbon-neutral production by 2030
The company plans to reduce emissions by increasing steel production in electric arc furnaces and using renewable energy
Global steel demand will rise by 1.7% in 2020
Global steel demand will be 1.8 bln tons in 2020
(c) GMK Center
The environmental duty will have a positive impact on the EU steel ...
Arvedi CEO believes that this initiative can protect the EU steel industry
Turkish export of rolled products to USA plummeted due to import duty
The average monthly export of flat products has decreased 30 times since 2017
SteelHome projects a 3% decrease in China’s iron ore imports in 2020
Prices for imported iron ore are going to fall by 10–15% next year
SteelHome forecasts decreasing steel production in China by 2% in 2020
Apparent crude steel consumption will be 902 mln tons in 2020
GMK Center opened European Steel Conference in Milano
On the 29-30th of October conference participants will discuss development of European and world steel producers