The new point Krasnoilsk – Vikovu de Sous should relieve the Porubne – Siret crossing

Ukraine is opening the second major freight transport checkpoint on the Romanian border. It is stated in the message of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The new Krasnoilsk – Vikovu de Sus international automobile checkpoint will start operating this week. Passage will be allowed for passenger cars and empty trucks.

The new checkpoint is supposed to relieve the only functioning crossing for cargo vehicles on the Ukrainian-Romanian border — Porubne – Siret.

As the ministry noted, currently Porubne – Siret is one of the busiest checkpoints, as the road to European ports passes through it, and it is extremely important for Ukrainian exporters. For cargo transport, there is no alternative to travel from Ukraine to Romania, since other checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Romanian section of the border are not designed for the passage of trucks.

From the beginning, Krasnoilsk – Vikovu de Sus was also designed as a crossing point for pedestrians and light vehicles, but together with the Romanian side, it was decided that it would work for the passage of trucks.

“At first, only empty cargo vehicles will be allowed to pass. The next stage will be permission for the passage of trucks with our exports. This will become possible after the completion of the works on the Romanian side,” noted Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov.

Over 7 km of the road has been overhauled, the checkpoint area (MAPP) has been equipped and workplaces for representatives of all services have been completed. In addition, lighting and communication systems have been installed, and the necessary equipment has been installed.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the government plans to stimulate the process of creating joint railway checkpoints of Ukraine on the border with the neighboring countries of the European Union in order to speed up the logistics of domestic exporters. The simultaneous conduct of customs procedures by the two parties should speed up the logistics of Ukrainian exports to the EU.