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Rail transportation in Poland decreased to 230 million tons in 2023

The total volume of transportation by transport for the past year was 570.3 million tons

USAID to allocate $225 million for the construction of the Eurotrack Lviv-Mostysk

The agency will provide UZ with technical support in the construction of the two-track section

Ukraine will allocate UAH 1.8 billion to restore critical logistics infrastructure

More than 912 million will be allocated to restore the railway infrastructure.

Ukrainian Railways increased track repairs by 22% y/y in January-August

In 8 months, railway workers updated 854.3 km of tracks with various types of repairs

Ukrainian Railways’ center for construction and repair of tracks restored 575 km of tracks in 8 months

355 km of track were renovated with capital repairs, and 220.1 km – with the average repairs

South-Western Railway restored almost 170 km of tracks in January-August

78.3 km of tracks were renewed with major repairs, and 88.1 km – with the average track

Railway gateway to the world: what is the state of freight transportation between Ukraine and Poland

The problems on the railways are gradually being solved, but there is not enough capacity and capacity for mass exports

Ukrainian Railways will receive a €100 million loan from the EIB for infrastructure development

The funds will be directed to the design, construction, modernization, repair of infrastructure and the development of freight traffic

The EC presented the first conclusions regarding the integration of Ukrainian railways and the EU

The construction of the Eurotrack in Ukraine and Moldova will bring the countries closer to the EU single market

Ukrainian Railways registered freight company in Poland

The company's office is located in Warsaw

Ukraine will help Moldova to rebuild the railway section on the line to the port of Reni

The corresponding memorandum was signed by Ukrainian Railways and Railways of Moldova

Slovakia is modernizing the railway infrastructure on the border with Ukraine

This week, the improvement of the marshalling yard along the 1520 mm track of the Cierna nad Tisou station will begin

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