In 8 months, railway workers updated 854.3 km of tracks with various types of repairs

In January-August 2023, Ukrainian Railways (UZ) increased the volume of track repairs by 22% compared to the same period in 2022 – up to 854.3 km. This is stated in UZ’s press release.

Overhaul of tracks using new materials (reconstruction) was carried out on 217.4 km, which is 55% more year-on-year. 119.4 km of tracks were completely restored with old materials. The average repair was carried out on 517.5 km of tracks, which is 17% more y/y.

Also, 104 sets of turnouts were overhauled using new materials and 67 sets were overhauled using old materials. 440 sets of turnouts were updated with an average repair.

«Summer track work season demonstrated its effectiveness: in June-August 2023 116.1 km of track were reconstructed, which is 56% more than in June-August 2022. In addition, a major overhaul of 45.9 km of track was carried out using old-use materials and an average repair of 300 km of track was carried out,» UZ notes.

Also, in the summer period, overhaul of 71 sets of turnouts using new materials and 38 sets using old ones was carried out. 280 sets of turnouts were updated with the average repair.

During January-August 2023, the South-Western Railway branch of the UZ restored with major and medium repairs almost 170 km of tracks. Also, 21 turnouts were replaced with new ones, 28 old turnouts were installed, and average repair of 82 units was performed. Branch Center for Track Construction and Repair during this period restored with scheduled repairs more than 575 km of tracks.

Prydniprovska Railway during January-June 2023 repaired 86.3 km of tracks and 44 turnouts. Repairs made it possible to open 58 tracks and 86 switches and increase the speed of trains on certain sections and directions.

In 2022, Ukrainian Railways repaired a total of 1,904 km of tracks, of which 625.1 km were average repairs, and 468.9 km were capital repairs. In January-May 2023, more than 400 km of tracks were updated with various types of repairs. In particular, the most active work is currently underway in Lviv, Kyiv and Odesa regions.