Over 6 months of 2023, 33.9 km of tracks were restored with capital repairs

In January-June 2023, the regional branch Prydniprovska railway of Ukrainian Railways (UZ) repaired 86.3 km of tracks and 44 switches. It is stated in a press release on the branch’s website.

During the six months of 2023, the railway workers renovated 33.9 km of track with major repairs and 52.4 km – with average repairs. In addition, major repairs were carried out on 25 turnouts, while the rest underwent medium repairs.

Repairs made it possible to open 58 tracks and 86 switches and increase the speed of trains on certain sections and directions.

«Efforts of rail workers were also focused on the restoration of railway infrastructure damaged as a result of military operations in the Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia regions,» the press release states.

In addition, in January-June, a significant amount of repair work was carried out on three spans of metal bridge №5 across the Dnipro River in the city of Dnipro. This will allow to reduce the operational costs of maintaining the bridge, increase the term of its operation, increase the safety of traffic, and allow to cancel the speed limit in the direction of Pyatikhatka – Chaplyne.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukrainian Railways in January-May 2023 updated various types of repairs of more than 400 km of tracks. Over the course of five months, railway workers renovated 227.7 km of railway tracks with average repairs and 175.8 km with major repairs. In 2022, UZ repaired a total of 1,094 km of tracks, 468.9 km of which were major repairs.

Also, in January-June 2023, the Dnipro railway resumed more than 1.2 thousand freight railcars various types of repairs. 1,071 freight railcars underwent depot repairs.