Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy estimates a drop in Ukraine’s GDP at 5% in ...
In April, Ukraine’s industry fully felt the adverse impact of the pandemic
Минэкономики: ВВП Украины в первом квартале сократился на 1,2%
The Ministry of Economy says Ukraine’s GDP was 1.2% down in Q1
The results of the first three months of 2020 proved to be worse than expected
A fall in Ukraine’s GDP was 0.2% in January–February
A further fall in GDP may be expected in the future, which, according to the Cabinet of Ministers, will reach 4.8% in 2020
The Ministry of Economy proposes to allocate ₴640 billion to boost ...
The Ministry also develops programs to help businesses access credit resources
Минэкономики ожидает в 2020 году спад ВВП Украины на 3,9% (c)
The Ministry of Economy expects a 3.9% decline in Ukraine’s GDP in ...
The Ministry revised its initial growth forecast of 3.7%
The Ministry of Economy proposes to earmark for industry ₴33 billio...
A total of more than ₴90 billion in state support is proposed to be earmarked for industry, agriculture and exports
Ministry of Economy: Ukraine’s GDP fell by 0.5% in January
Volodymyr Kompaniets, economic expert, says it was the first drop in the past 49 months
The Parliament registered the draft law on the scrap market unshado...
The document has already been agreed on with all sectoral associations and the Ministry of Economic
Минэкономики повысило прогноз по ВВП Украины до 3,7% в 2020 г (c)
The Ministry of Economy improved the GDP forecast for Ukraine up to...
Earlier, the Ministry expected an increase of 3.2%