Ministry of Economy

Ukraine is interested in cooperation with the EU in the mining and metal complex

Integration into the internal markets of the European Union is important for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian economy

All Russian Federation steel products should be subject to sanctions — Yulia Svyridenko

Ukraine is ready to replace the Russian Federation in the markets of iron ore and other products

The Ministry of Economy estimates a fall in Ukraine’s GDP in January-September 2022 at the level of 30% y/y

In September 2022, Ukraine's economy fell by 35% y/y – at the level of the previous month

The Ministry of Economy to increase the processing of steel raw materials

Due to limited logistics capabilities, steelmakers need to increase exports of value-added products

The Ukrainian exports in September 2022 increased by 32% m/m

In monetary terms, the volume of Ukrainian exports increased in September by more than 23% compared to August

Ministry of Economy calls on banks to support Ukrainian exports through ECA mechanisms

Insurance of 24 loan contracts for UAH 70 million has been financed

Exports to the EU exceeded pre-war indicators in January-September 2022 – Ministry of Economy

The total Ukrainian exports decreased by almost half compared to the pre-war period

Ukraine has completely banned the export of goods to the Russian Federation

The government made this decision at a meeting on September 27, 2022

The decline of Ukraine’s economy slowed to 35% y/y in August 2022 – Ministry of Economy

In 2022, the department predicts a decline in the country's GDP by 33.2% on an annual basis

The foreign trade deficit in goods in August decreased by a third compared to July

In August, exports of goods increased by 13.9% compared to the previous month, while imports decreased by 2.3%

The Ministry of Economy expects Ukraine’s GDP to grow by 15.5% in 2023

The country's economy may begin to grow in 2023 after a deep decline in 2022 by 35-40%

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