Ministry of Economy

Ukraine will aim EU and G7 nations markets after war
Ukrainian government wants producers to freely export their products to Western markets
Ukrainian companies lost $80 billion due to war, Ministry of Economy
In total, Ukraine ran up $564.9 billion one-time losses from the Russian invasion
The Ministry of Economy downgrades its economic growth forecast for...
The new pandemic challenges keep affecting all economies in the world, including Ukraine
The Ministry of Economy downgraded its consensus forecast for GDP g...
The economic growth in Ukraine will slow down to 3.6% in 2022
The Ministry of Economy downgraded its forecast for steel productio...
Production of rolled products may grow also by 4%
The Ministry of Economy says that signing of FTAs with Egypt and Tu...
Trade liberalization will help Ukrainian steel producers to significantly increase supplies, and real GDP might grow by over 0.4% annually
Moldova requests revision of Ukraine’s duties on steel bars
Products of Moldova Steel Works are subject to a 13.8% duty
Ukraine’s GDP grew 2.9% in 8M
Production in the steel industry increased by 5.4%, while the mining industry saw a decline of 2.5%
The Ministry of Economy initiates a ban on scrap exports until 2023
The possible ban will not apply to exports to the EU, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the CIS (except Russia), Israel, Canada, Montenegro and the EAEU countries
Ukraine’s GDP grew to 2.1% in 7M
The industry shows growth for the fifth month in a row
ICIT to impose a 23.5% duty on imports of wires in October
The safeguard measure will last for 3 years
The Cabinet of Ministers finalizes regulatory framework for the Inv...
The project for the construction of a processing plant by Canadian-based Black Iron could be eligible for preferences under the Law