Ministry of Economy

Ukraine’s GDP grew 2.9% in 8M
Production in the steel industry increased by 5.4%, while the mining industry saw a decline of 2.5%
The Ministry of Economy initiates a ban on scrap exports until 2023
The possible ban will not apply to exports to the EU, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the CIS (except Russia), Israel, Canada, Montenegro and the EAEU countries
Ukraine’s GDP grew to 2.1% in 7M
The industry shows growth for the fifth month in a row
ICIT to impose a 23.5% duty on imports of wires in October
The safeguard measure will last for 3 years
The Cabinet of Ministers finalizes regulatory framework for the Inv...
The project for the construction of a processing plant by Canadian-based Black Iron could be eligible for preferences under the Law
The Ministry of Economy says the NDC-2 adopted by the Cabinet of Mi...
The document balances the country’s climate ambitions with the conditions on which it agrees to achieve carbon neutrality
Ukraine’s GDP grew 6% in Q2
In H1, the country’s economy grew by 0.7%
Минэкономики ожидает роста производства стали в Украине в 2021 году на 5%
The Ministry of Economy expects a 5% increase in Ukraine’s steel pr...
Production of rolled products and pig iron will grow by 5% as well
Production in Ukraine’s steel industry ramped up by 29% in April
Production in Ukraine’s steel industry ramped up by 29% in April
Production in mining industry increased by 6.9% in the same month
Минэкономики ожидает рост ВВП Украины на 4,1% в 2021 году (с) Unian
The Ministry of Economy expects a 4.1% surge in Ukraine’s GDP in 2021
The Ukrainian economy growth will slow down to 3.7% in 2022
Минэкономики ожидает спад ВВП Украины в первом квартале на 2,2% (c) Unian
The Ministry of Economy expects a 2.2% decline in Ukraine’s GDP in Q1
The rising incidence of coronavirus poses risks to the Ukrainian economy
Минэкономики оценивает падение ВВП Украины в феврале в 2,8%
The Ministry of Economy estimates a drop in Ukraine’s GDP at 2.8%
A decline in Ukraine’s steel production slowed down to 3.5%