Integration into the internal markets of the European Union is important for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian economy

Ukraine is interested in replacing Russian iron ore and steel products on the European market. First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy Yulia Svyridenko emphasized this during the meeting of Ukrainian government officials with the Executive Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis on November 18. It is stated on the department’s website.

According to Yulia Svyridenko, in the context of Russian attacks on infrastructure, financial support from European partners is vital for Ukraine’s ability to resist aggression, overcome the energy crisis and balance the economy. Equally important for the reconstruction of Ukraine is integration into the internal markets of the EU and the deepening of trade relations.

The parties agreed on the preparation of an updated Plan of priority measures for integration into the EU internal market. Its main goal is to further facilitate trade between Ukraine and the European Union, as the current iteration of this plan has already borne fruit.

“Thanks to all the measures, including the abolition of customs duties, the line of solidarity – the export of goods from Ukraine to the EU this year, even in war conditions, has grown compared to the previous year,” Yuliya Svyridenko emphasized.

During the meeting, the Ukrainian side also emphasized the importance of more intensive cooperation in the mining and metal complex.

“Ukraine is interested in replacing Russian iron ore and steel products on the European market. This is important both in order to facilitate the application of sanctions against European companies and for the further sustainable development of the pan-European metal complex,” the Minister of Economy noted.

Ukraine also emphasized that it is interested in continued actions of EU autonomous trade measures in the form of non-application of customs duties to Ukrainian products. The EU understands the rationality of this issue, so work on its development continues.

As the First Deputy Prime Minister noted earlier, Ukraine will concentrate on the development of industries that will give the greatest effect in the direction of the export growth model – steel sector, agriculture with a high level of processing, military and aerospace technologies, IT and military-tech.

As GMK Center reported earlier, all Russian steel products should be under sanctions, and Ukrainian steelmakers should be given access to the American market. This was emphasized by the First Deputy Prime Minister – Ukrainian Minister of Economy Yuliya Svyridenko during a meeting with the US Minister of Commerce Gina Raimondo.