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Steel sales in the western regions have almost reached pre-war levels

Due to the war, steel trade market fell 2-3 times, but this year sales increased by 20-30%
How sanctions affect the import of Russian steel products to the EU

European producers continue to buy products from the Russian steel industry, since the current sanctions do not ban imports completely
Steel stocks in Germany fell by 11.8% y/y in July

Warehouse stocks of flat rolled products fell by 10.7% y/y, and of graded products by 14.3% y/y

Ukrainian steel trading market shows signs of recovery

Its prospects depend on the speed of recovery in construction and engineering
Poland consumed 31.2% of the iron and steel products export from Ukraine in the 1st quarter

In 2022, Polish consumers accounted for 15.5% of Ukrainian exports of steel products and steel raw materials


At the event, the GMK Center will present research on how Ukrainian steel industry continues to work in wartime conditions
Metal Holding opened a new metal center in Kropyvnytskyi

The company provides services for the sale of rolled steel, including sheets, circles, strips, pipes, rebar and profiles