metal products

Bulgaria: a large market for Ukrainian semi-finished products

Bulgaria is a large market for only a few types of export products of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex and steel industry

Ukraine – Italy: analytical trade review

Italy remains a stable partner and market for products of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex and iron and steel industry

Ukraine – Czech Republic: trade between the countries during the war

The Czech Republic supplies Ukraine with military goods and cars, but receives ore, cable and agro-products

Ukraine – Slovakia: what trade between the countries looks like

Since the start of the war, Slovakia has supported Ukraine by increasing its iron ore consumption

European sanctions against steel exports from Russia: status and prospects

Continued supplies from Russia create imbalances in the European market and damage local producers

Ukraine – China: balance in iron and steel trade

Ukraine has the potential to increase iron ore exports to China, but imports of Chinese coated sheets and pipes threaten local producers

Iron and steel trade between Ukraine and Poland: analytical review

Poland needs to import 5 million tons of steel products per year for its own needs

State and prospects of trade in steel products Ukraine-Turkiye

Turkish supplies accounted for almost 40% of all imports of steel products in 2023

Export rail transportation decreased by 5.8% in 2023

More than 43% of last year's rail exports were cargoes of iron and steel companies

Infrastructure restoration supported steel demand in Ukraine in 2023

Domestic steel consumption, taking into account imports, is approximately 3.5 million tons in 2023
Border blockade had an extremely negative impact on the steel industry and steel trade

Losses for just one enterprise in the industry exceed $20 million per month

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How the 12th package of sanctions will affect iron and steel products imports to the EU

Restricting imports of pig iron from Russia is the most important decision in the new sanctions package

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