body armors

Metinvest-SMC developed armored shields for Ukrainian defenders

Shields are designed to protect machine gunners and operators of large-caliber weapons from being wounded by small arms ammunition and debris

Metinvest-SMC handed over 1.4 thousand armored plates to the defenders of Sumy region

700 bulletproof vests will be made of steel for the Armed Forces, communal and medical services

Metinvest handed over 800 bulletproof vests for defenders in the Avdiivka direction

The company has already handed over 2.3 thousand units of ammunition to the defenders and employees of the critical infrastructure of Avdiivka

Metinvest has handed over 150,000 body armors to the defenders of Ukraine since the beginning of the war

Every tenth bulletproof vest in the Armed Forces is made from Metinvest steel or purchased by the Group

Metinvest handed over a batch of 100 bulletproof vests for fighters in Donetsk region

Plates for body armors are produced at the company's enterprises

The Lviv Defense Cluster received 500 tons of armor steel from Metinvest

From Metinvest-SMC steel, specialists of the LDC produced about 80,000 body armor for Ukrainian defenders

Metinvest SMC has received 100 requests for 27,000 armor plates since June

The company provides armor plates to the military for free