Shields are designed to protect machine gunners and operators of large-caliber weapons from being wounded by small arms ammunition and debris

Steel trading company Metinvest-SMC has developed a new type of protection for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) – armored shields. This is stated on the company’s website.

“We present another direction of Metinvest steel’s application for the protection of our military on the front lines. These are armored shields that protect machine gunners and operators of other large-caliber weapons from being hit by small arms ammunition and debris during hostilities,” the message says.

The shield is installed on the swivel rack in the body of a pickup truck, SUV and other passenger or specialized vehicles. The rack, in turn, is mounted on a strong bearing and attached to the frame of the car itself.

The use of such equipment allows the defender to fire with the rotation of the weapon around the axis. At the same time, the armor shield protects a person from enemy shots from the frontal side.

The basis of armor protection of the shield is hardened plates made of 30MnB5 steel. After heat treatment, they acquire ballistic resistance not lower than class 4 according to the DSTU 8782 standard – they can withstand a direct hit by bullets of the PS, PP and LPS type from a distance of 10 m.

“The quality of the new products has already been assessed by the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and employees of special police units working in the combat zone and in the de-occupied territories. Protective shields for machine guns have taken a worthy place in Metinvesta’s product line, along with plates for body armor and other military products,” the company summarizes.

As GMK Center reported earlier, since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Metinvest Group has handed over 150,000 body armors to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). Thus, every tenth body armor in the Armed Forces is made of Metinvest steel or purchased by the Group.

In general, since the beginning of the war, the amount of assistance from Metinvest to Ukraine and Ukrainians has reached more than UAH 2 billion. 1.3 billion of them is directed to support the army and help the military.