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Izmail port

The average daily unloading rate at the station is approximately 100 railcars/day

Ukrainian Railways (UZ) is considering projects to improve the capacity of the Izmail railway station. This is reported by Rail.Insider with the reference to the railroad meeting.

The representatives of the meeting discussed the increase in the accumulation of rolling stock heading to the Izmail station. Now more than 2 thousand railcars are moving there. At the same time, the average daily unloading rate is about 100 railcars per day.

According to the Deputy Director of the regional branch Odessa Railway of the UZ for logistics and work with ferries Ivan Yemets, projects are being considered to expand the capacity of the Izmail station, and not only it. First of all, we are talking about the sections Artsyz – Izmail and Bilgorod-Dnistrovsk – Izmail.

In particular, the option of electrification of the Bilgorod-Dnestrovsk – Izmail section is being considered. Its implementation is expected to start this year.

“The number of trains that can enter at Izmail station is nine at the most. So there is enough capacity to bring trains there. But the development of the Novy park of the Izmail station itself is not enough, ”commented Yemets.

According to the Deputy Director of the Odessa Railways, they intend to complete the construction of the 8th and 9th tracks here. In addition, not everything depends on the railway, because in parallel, loading and unloading of railcars continues on the tracks.

“Unloading should increase to 400-450 railcars so that we can receive this flow. And the increase in unloading is also a track development of the port. For our part, we have planned events and will carry them out,” said the representative of UZ.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the seaport of Izmail as of May 9, 2023, handled 6.187 million tons of cargo. Thus, the company has fulfilled the annual plan for cargo handling and has reached a record pace for the entire history of the port’s existence of annual targets. The first positions in the nomenclature of cargo in terms of transshipment volumes are occupied by grain and other agricultural products. In third place are pellets.

In 2022 the Izmail port increased transshipment of cargo by2 times compared to 2021 – up to 8.89 million tons.

Earlier, at a trilateral meeting between Ukraine – the European Commission – Romania, the parties agreed to coordinate efforts in improvement and development of export capacities through the Ukrainian and Romanian channels of the Danube River

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine plans to increase the throughput capacity of Ukrainian ports on the Danube by 1.7 times – up to 25 million tons per year. MIU plans to modernize the ports of Izmail, Reni and Ust-Dunaysk, build new terminals and hubs, and attract private investment for the construction of terminals.