Izmail port

Ukrainian Railways plans to expand the capacity of Izmail station

The average daily unloading rate at the station is approximately 100 railcars/day

Izmail MTP handled 830,000 tons of cargo in May

This is a record indicator of transshipment of goods by the enterprise for a month

Izmail MTP transshipped 560,000 tons of pellets by mid-May

Compared to the same period in 2022, the volume of pellet transshipment increased by 83%

Izmail port handled 6.2 million tons of cargo since the beginning of the year

Pellets took the third place in the range of cargoes in terms of transshipment volume

State stevedore Izmail MTP processed more than 721 thousand tons of cargo in March

506.9 thousand tons of cargo were shipped for export, and 209 thousand tons were accepted for import