The unit performs the function of a coke gas cooler in the workshop for capturing chemical products of coking

Kametstal Iron and Steel Works has started overhaul of the primary gas refrigerator №5 in the workshop for capturing chemical products of coking. Enterprise’s press service reports about it.

The coke gas must be cleaned after leaving the furnaces, and it can be used for the technological needs of the enterprise in the future. But first, it is cooled in tubular gas refrigerators with the help of circulating technical water.

Restoration of the primary gas refrigerator’s equipment by coke chemists is carried out in two stages. At the beginning of the year, the tube of the heat exchange unit was cleaned to increase the efficiency of the refrigerator.

Specialists are currently replacing the water collectors and refrigerator covers, which have perforating corrosion, cracks through which water leaks occurred. Each cover is a steel structure weighing 200 kg. In total, 47 covers will be replaced.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal has begun major repairs of the workshop’s converter №2. The dismantling of the old equipment is in progress. Later, specialists will replace the main bearing of the converter and reline it.

Before, the plant has installed a frequency converter of the gas blowing machine in the workshop for capturing chemical products of coking. The new device will make it possible to significantly save electricity during the transportation of coke gas to the consumer shops of the enterprise.