ЕЭК начала повторное антидемпинговое расследование по украинским трубам (c) shutterstock.com(c) shutterstock.com

The reason is the expiry of the safeguard measures

The Department for Internal Market Defence of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) initiated a repeated anti-dumping investigation concerning seamless pipes of stainless steel originating from Ukraine, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

The reason of the repeated investigation is the expiry of the anti-dumping duty.

The repeated investigation was requested by the ChTPZ Group (Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant) and the TMK Group (TMK-Inkos and Volga Pipe Plant).

The companies claimed that Ukraine had decreased the USD price for its seamless pipes of stainless steel by 27.8% in H1, which resulted in a drop in the cost of metal products, excluding the anti-dumping duty, to a level below the average market benchmark in the EAEU.

The investigation conducted in 2015–2016 ended with the EEC imposing an anti-dumping duty of 4.32% to 18.96% of the customs value depending on the producing company. The decision on the introduction of safeguard measures entered into force on 26 February 2016. The expiry date for the duty was 26 February 2021 at that time.

The duty for Centravis Production Ukraine (Centravis) and Interpipe Niko Tube amounted to 4.32% of the customs value of metal products.

The largest Ukrainian manufacturer of seamless pipes of stainless steel is Centravis. The Company produces more than 1,000 pipe sizes of more than 100 types of corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steel grades.

In January–August, Centravis decreased pipe production by 10.9% to 12.3 thousand tons compared to the previous year.