State Tax Service of Ukraine

Ukraine produced 317 thousand tons of ferroalloys in 6 months

Production of manganese concentrate in January-June fell by 21%

Ukraine in January-June reduced the export of titanium ores by 46%

In monetary terms, the export of raw materials for six months decreased by 21.1%

Ukrainian steelmakers reduced semi-finished exports by 55% in 4 months

In monetary terms, exports of steel products decreased by 44.9%

Ukraine in January-April reduced exports of ferroalloys by 89%

In money, meanwhile, exports grew by 58.5%

Ukraine’s revenues from exports of iron & steel jumped 37% in January

Over the month, export revenues amounted to $1.02 billion

Ukraine’s revenues from iron ore exports grew 63% in 2021

In physical terms, however, iron ore exports fell 4.2%

Ukraine decreased exports of semi-finished products by 9.5% in 2021

At the same time, export revenues rose by 48.8%

Ukraine’s revenues from iron ore exports declined by 20% in November

Iron ore export volumes grew 18% in the same period

Ukraine’s revenues from exports of metals jumped 81% in 11M

In November alone, export revenues hiked by 90.4%