Southeast Asia
ASEAN steel industry needs support for decarbonization

The region is already overcapacity and the situation will only get worse
Asian steel market will come under pressure in the fourth quarter – forecast

Limited support for the market will be provided by increased demand in India after the monsoon season
Malaysia’s Eastern Steel launches second blast furnace

This is expected to increase the supply of slabs in neighboring markets
ASEAN steel industry is moving towards decarbonization

The region's steel industry needs support in its green transition efforts
The volume of the global long products market may reach more than $1 trillion by 2030

The growth of the segment, in particular, will be facilitated by the expansion of capacities
Malaysia to develop road map of ecological steel industry transition

When preparing the strategy, appropriate sources of funding should be considered
ASEAN countries will grapple with the prospect of steel oversupply

Expansion investments are more focused on blast furnace production