Ukraine put limestone on the list of critical import
The Cabinet of Ministers have also added to the list many metals
President Zelenskyi signs a law on localization in mechanical engin...
The Law comes into force six months after its publication
President Zelenskyi signs the Law on benefits for industrial parks
The next step is review of draft laws on fiscal incentives for industrial parks
Зеленский подписал закон об усилении ответственности за незаконную добычу (c) president.gov.ua
Zelenskyi signs a law to increase liability for illegal mining
The law defines uncontrolled mining as a criminal offense
Верховная Рада приняла законопроект о недропользовании (c) metinvestholding.com
Rada approves a subsoil use draft law in principle
The draft Law provides for the creation of an interactive map of minerals
Президент Зеленский подписал закон о продлении пошлины на экспорт лома (с) Nikkei
Zelenskyi signs a law to extend the scrap export duty
The Law comes into force the next day following its publication
Parliament extends scrap export duty for 5 years
291 MPs voted in favor of the draft law
Кабмин одобрил увеличение уставного капитала ЭКА на 1,8 млрд грн (с) shutterstock.com
The Government increased the authorized capital of ECA by ₴1.8 billion
Funding will be funneled through the issuance of additional government debt securities
В Раде зарегистрировали законопроект о продлении пошлины на экспорт лома (c) Recycling International
The Parliament to consider a draft law on extending the scrap expor...
The authors propose to extend restrictions for another five years
Business proposes a reform of Ukraine’s environmental policy
The European Business Association presents an environmental legislation reform program
В Украине начал действовать стройстандарт по использованию шлаков
A new slag standard in Ukraine now in force
A new national standard allows increasing the use of metallurgical slags in road construction
Кабмин продлил адаптивный карантин до конца года (c) unian.net
The Cabinet of Ministers prolongs the quarantine until the end of t...
The reason is the quarantine prevents a further increase in the country’s incidence rate