France reduced steel production by 10.2% y/y in February

In January-February 2024, French steelmakers reduced steel production by 4.6% y/y
France’s construction sector is in recession

The economic context for the industry remains unfavorable

ArcelorMittal to commission ladle furnace in Fos-sur-Mer in Q2

The project has entered the final phase of construction since the beginning of the current year
France produced 835 thousand tons of steel in January

Compared to January 2023, the indicator increased by 1.5%, and compared to the previous month – by 2.6 times
Industeel to build a vertical CCM at a plant in France

Investments in the construction of the unit amount to €52 million
France reduced steel production by 17.4% y/y in 2023

In December, steel production in the country fell to a record low level of 325,000 tons
ArcelorMittal Dunkirk will invest €1.8 billion in decarbonisation

The funds will be used to finance two electric arc furnaces and a direct recovery plant
France doubled its steel output m/m in November

Compared to November 2022, the indicator increased by 91.5%
Italy’s Acciaierie Venete will acquire three Ascometal steel mills in France

Through the merger, Acciaierie Venete plans to increase its presence on the European market
France reduced rolled steel imports from third countries by 9.1% y/y in September

The export of s proteelducts for the month fell by 4% y/y
France reduced steel production by 8.1% m/m in October

Compared to October 2022, the indicator decreased by 19.3%
Aperam reduced shipments by 8.7% y/y in January-September

The company states that a significant decrease in demand continues to be observed in Europe

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