Dredging work was completed by 90% in the port of Izmail

Dredging is also being carried out in parallel with other seaports located on the Danube

Danube ports received a record number of ships per day since the beginning of the war

On August 27, 11 vessels passed through the Bystre estuary and the Romanian Sulina canal in the direction of the Ukrainian Danube ports

Serbia used almost all its capacities for dredging the Danube

The works are being carried out near the second largest Serbian city, Novy Sad

The UDP has tripled the carrying capacity of the fleet since the beginning of the war

The company plans to launch its own stevedore division and increase the number of barges to 225

The Bystre estuary on the Danube is opened for the passage of ships

The estuary was closed to passage at the beginning of August due to shipwrecks

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