customs statistics

Exports of ferrous metals fell by 11% over 11 months
In November, export revenue fell by 14%
Экспорт плоского проката из Украины в январе-октябре упал на 9,7% (c)
Ukraine’s exports of flat products dropped by 9.7% in January–October
Exports of hot-rolled products dropped by 8.6% and cold-rolled products by 15.2% in 10 months
Exports of steel semi-finished products grew by 13.5% to 6 million ...
In monetary terms, however, exports fell by 2% to $2.51 billion
Экспорт чугуна из Украины в январе-октябре упал на 26,7% (c)
Ukraine’s pig iron exports fell by 26.7% in January–October
The US bought more than a half of Ukrainian pig iron
Ukraine’s iron ore exports fell by 10% in October
At the same time, iron ore exports grew by 8.3% to 33.26 million tons over 10 months
Ore exports from Ukraine fell by 2.4% in September
The volumes of exports to foreign iron ore markets decreased by 1.8%