Corum Group
Corum Group repaired 165 DM fastening sections for Pokrovske Mine Administration

In order for the fastening to be as effective as possible, the company changed the design of certain nodes
Corum Group produced 9 harvesters for the needs of miners in 2022

Machine builders also produced 147 units of mining equipment and 456,000 spare parts and components
Corum Group produced a skip for the miners of DTEK Pavlogradvugillia

Machine builders have completed an order for a skip, with the help of which mined coal is lifted from the mine to the surface

Corum Group produced the third tunneling combine after the relocation

The powerful combine is designed for the destruction of rock massifs in mines that are dangerous due to gas and dust

Corum Group produced the second tunneling combine after the relocation

Previously, the company moved its facilities from the region where hostilities are taking place to the Dnipropetrovsk region

Corum Group restarts production after relocation of facilities

Druzhkivka Plant fulfills orders for DTEK Energo miners