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The grain agreement has a target character and is part of international agreements

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (MIU) does not consider the possibility of resuming the steel products export through Ukrainian ports within the framework of the grain agreement. At the same time, the ministry will initiate the issue of resuming the export of mining&metals products by sea at the earliest opportunity.

Yuriy Vaskov, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, informed about it in the interview for CTS publication.

“At the moment, the issue of the steel or other types of cargo export within the framework of the grain agreement is not being discussed. The author of the grain initiative was the UN, and within the framework of food security, it was about the export of agricultural products,” said Yuriy Vaskov.

However, the Ministry of Infrastructure plans to initiate the export of mining&metals products through sea ports.

“We are certainly interested in restoring the full operation of our ports and will initiate this at the earliest opportunity,” the deputy minister added.

According to CTS, Andriy Zablovskyi, previously the head of the Council of Entrepreneurs’ secretariat under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, stated that the precedent of unblocking ports for grain exports is a good reason to continue work also on export of steel products from Ukrainian ports.

As GMK Center reported earlier, within the framework of the grain agreement, Ukrainian mining&metals companies at the first stage will receive acceleration of exports due to the partial release of western railway crossings. At the same time, due to the weak demand for iron ore and steel products in Europe, we should not count on a sharp increase in the export of mining&metals products.