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Sukha Balka

Over the past year, the company invested more than UAH 20 million in new mining equipment, in particular, mine cars and loading machines

Sukha Balka mine, which is part of the DCH group, put into operation about 10 new blocks with a total capacity of 800 thousand tons of iron ore in 2022. This is stated in the press release on the Facebook page.

“Keep in line and overcome the challenges of wartime – such a main task arose for the labor collective of the Sukha Balka mine, one of the leading enterprises in the country’s extractive industry, on February 24, 2022. At the enterprise, despite the tangible load due to a lack of personnel, the destruction of logistics chains, fuel and energy difficulties, all technological processes of production were supported and the investment program of the mine was carried out,” the message says.

In April 2022, having restored the logistics chains destroyed by the war, the company purchased 30 mine wagons. Investments in new mining equipment amounted to over UAH 13 million. Also in the summer, the mine purchased two loading and hauling machines worth about UAH 10 million.

“Compliance with the regime of strict energy savings has become another test for industrial activity. Due to emergency shutdowns and the establishment of energy consumption limits in November 2022, the technological process was temporarily suspended at the Mine Frunze. Miners from this mine were involved in the production of the Yuvileyna mine. Thus, the workforce of qualified personnel has been preserved for the sake of a future, peaceful working life,” the company notes.

Since the beginning of the war, the mine has been helping the community to meet the needs of the city’s defense, in particular, it sends building materials, produces protective structures, provides equipment, and fuel. The company supports numerous volunteer campaigns to collect the necessary things, products, medicines.

“The staff of the Sukha Balka mine is holding unitedly on the military and economic front lines of the state. Despite the difficulties, we are implementing plans for investment projects, implementing the modernization of technological processes, and applying innovative production technologies. Because our faith in victory is unshakable, and the desire to live in a free, prosperous and independent country cannot be destroyed by anyone,” Sukha Balka sums up.

As GMK Center reported earlier, on February 9, 2023, the Sukha Balka mine, which is part of the DCH group, commissioned new production facilities at the Yuvileyna mine. The new block 28-30+10 is located at the horizon of 1,420 m. This is the «Gnizdo 1-2» deposit of the lying pack of the horizon’s first sub-floor with a raw material reserve of 125.6 thousand tons. The iron content is 60.6%.

Also, in November 2022, the Sukha Balka mine has completely suspended work due to power outages at the Frunze mine and equipment repair at the Yuvileyna mine. Work was carried out in the shaft of the mine for 12 days. At the beginning of December, iron ore production at the mine was resumed.

At the end of 2022, the enterprise purchased a generator to ensure the operation of the iron ore heating line and other technological equipment.

The Sukha Balka mine specializes in underground iron ore mining with a capacity of about 3.1 million tons per year. The mining includes the mines Frunze and the Yuvileyna.