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Kraftwele generator

The European generator will assist in evacuating people from the mine in the event of a power outage

The Sukha Balka mine, which is part of the DCH Steel group, purchased a KraftWele generator from a European producer. This is reported in the company’s corporate newspaper.

The unit received last week will ensure the operation of the iron ore heating line and the second technological equipment.

“The power of the new generator is designed to de-brake the lifting machine system, power the control panel and bring the miners to the surface in conditions of total blackout. Connecting an autonomous source will allow starting the network pump to maintain the circulation of the heat carrier in the system,” said Mykola Myakushin, the chief energy engineer of Sukhoi Balka.

According to him, the appearance of the generator is especially important for the mine’s heat supply system in winter.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in November 2022, the Sukha Balka mine has completely suspended work due to power outages at the Frunze mine and equipment repair at the Yuvileyna mine. The work was carried out in the shaft of the mine at the end of November 2022 and lasted 12 days. At the beginning of December, iron ore production at the mine was resumed.

The Sukha Balka mine specializes in underground iron ore mining with a capacity of about 3.1 million tons per year. The mining includes the mines Frunze and the Yuvileyna.