The amount of donor aid to the «Do it together» fund amounted to more than €2 million

303,600 people received aid from the «Saving Lives» humanitarian project, which the Metinvest Group implements in coordination with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. This is stated in the Metinvest.Media’s message.

The amount of donor assistance with goods and donations to the charity fund «Do it together» amounted to €2.149 million.

As part of the «Saving Lives» project, group’s shipments are being formed in Poland. Then they are delivered to Ukrainian distribution centers, and from there to the cities and regions with the greatest needs. The main areas of work are providing people with products, hygiene and basic necessities. Medicines, consumables, and equipment are provided to hospitals.

Almost 4,000 tons of essential goods were delivered from Poland to Ukrainian distribution centers:

  • 1,823 tons – Zaporizhzhia;
  • 1,053 tons – Kryvyi Rih;
  • 549 tons – Kamianske;
  • 524 tons – Dnipro.

Product sets, which have the greatest demand, are received by vulnerable categories of the population, in particular, employees of Metinvest who raise children under the age of 18 and children with disabilities, families of mobilized workers or those who were injured during military service; labor veterans and non-working pensioners of enterprises, etc. At the beginning of autumn, more than 102,000 product sets were created for them. In addition, residents of Metinvest shelters, de-occupied and front-line regions, in particular, Avdiyivka, receive packages.

On the eve of the cold weather, the «Saving Lives» project took care of providing the displaced people with warm clothes. In October 2022, the company expanded the aid program and began issuing food kits to Zaporizhzhia utility workers. Approximately 9,000 workers from 18 municipal enterprises of the city received the packages during the week. In this way, Metinvest supports people who are among the first to come to the aid of local residents.

The humanitarian project does not ignore the needs of children. Recently, Metinvest together with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation purchased 14 tons of baby food — the cargo is intended for perinatal centers of Odesa and Donetsk regions. The first batch of aid has already been shipped from the Metinvest humanitarian distribution center in Zaporizhzhia. In total, 13,000 young mothers will receive assistance from the company.

During the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the total cost of aid provided to Ukrainian hospitals by the «Saving Lives» project amounted to approximately €240,000. Systemic support is provided to the main medical institutions of Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, and Kamianske. Humanitarian cargoes with medicines, consumables and equipment are delivered to the city by the presence of Metinvest, which significantly expands the possibilities of surgical care for the wounded.

Currently, 189 companies from all over the world have joined the humanitarian project, recently it has started cooperation with the international supermarket chain ALDI. In addition, «Saving Lives» ambassador Dario Srna called on the Champions League clubs to join in helping Ukrainians. Company employees also join the humanitarian initiative by donating to the «Do it together» fund.

In June 2022, the information and analytical center GMK Center has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saving Lives Charitable Foundation. The agreement was signed in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and help the population of Ukraine. The memorandum includes the implementation of joint projects, in particular, informing on the humanitarian activities with the aim of attracting new partners and increasing opportunities for providing assistance.

You can support the Saving Lives project by link.

As GMK Center reported earlier, since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Metinvest Group has handed over 150,000 body armors to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, every tenth body armor in the Armed Forces is made of Metinvest steel or purchased by the Group.