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The defenders received 20 night vision devices, 7 rangefinders, 10 binoculars, 7 DJI MAVIC 3T quadcopters, etc.

Metinvest Group, as part of the Steel Front military initiative, donated optics and equipment worth UAH 10 million to the newly formed unit of the Offensive Guard of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU). This is stated in the Metinvest.Media’s press release.

“Heavy and dangerous battles continue along the entire front line. In order to increase the effectiveness of offensive operations and reduce the losses of Ukrainian defenders, Metinvest handed over a large batch of optics and equipment worth UAH 10 million,” the message says.

The fighters got 20 night vision devices, 7 rangefinders, 30 collimator holographic sights and magnifiers for them, 10 Schteiner binoculars, 7 DJI MAVIC 3T and FMC quadrocopters, as well as autonomous charging stations, satellite modems, tablets and a laptop. And to increase the mobility of fighters, a bus and a pickup truck will be delivered to the front.

Despite the fact that this equipment is quite scarce on the market, Metinvest is doing everything possible to provide military personnel with everything they need.

“With the help of new rangefinders, we can determine the distance to targets very accurately at a distance of up to 2 kilometers. And accordingly, it is more efficient to plan actions, adjust the fire to kill by all parts of the unit. Therefore, this is a very necessary technique for us! For the most part, the enemy does not have such devices, they are significantly behind – both in tactics and in technical equipment. Therefore, having such things in service is a great advantage for us,” commented the deputy chairman of the company of one of the offensive units.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2022 the Metinvest Group, taking into account associated companies and joint ventures transferred UAH 20.5 billion of taxes and fees to the budgets of all levels in Ukraine. The largest were the income tax in the structure of taxes and fees – UAH 6.6 billion, the single social contribution – more than UAH 4 billion, and the personal income tax – 3.7 billion

Also, during the 10 months of the war, Metinvest allocated more than UAH 2.8 billion to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities, support employees and civilians. The company is one of the largest suppliers of ammunition for the army among private Ukrainian businesses.