Help for Ukraine

UAH 1.5 billion was allocated to the needs of the army within the framework of the Steel Front initiative of Rinat Akhmetov

During the 10 months of the war, Metinvest Group allocated more than UAH 2.8 billion to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities, support employees and civilians. It is stated on the company’s website.

The group’s enterprises in Ukraine continue to work with different loading levels, taking into account safety, logistical and economic factors. Their work is complicated by the constant threat of enemy shelling, electricity shortages, rising production costs, falling prices for certain types of products, and logistical restrictions due to blockades of seaports.

In particular, Kametstal and the company’s joint venture Zaporizhstal continue to produce products. Thus, in December, Kametstal resumed the production of iron, steel and rolled products after the stoppage of production caused by Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure at the end of November 2022.

The construction of the 11th unit for coal mining continues at the enterprises of the Pokrovsk Coal Group, the Central Mining continues the production of pellets. The efforts of the group’s enterprises are aimed at being able to quickly resume work or increase the level of production under favorable economic conditions.

The priority remains taking care of the employees who ensure the production process. All enterprises have stocked bomb shelters, it has water, food and medicine.

“Metinvest is making every effort to bring Ukraine closer to victory in all areas. Our businesses continue to produce products for defense and rebuild infrastructure, keep jobs and pay taxes. Within Rinat Akhmetov’s Steel Front, we provide our army with ammunition and steel products. The humanitarian initiative «Saving Life» takes care of products and basic necessities for Ukrainians, their physical and psychological health. We take care of our employees and strive to keep the team in order to be able to help the country in the future,” noted Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of the Metinvest group.

As part of the military initiative Steel Front of Rinat Akhmetov, UAH 1.5 billion from the total amount was directed to the needs of the army, the company also established a systematic supply of necessary items to the front. In particular, the enterprises of the group handed over 69 special mobile shelters to the front.

Metinvest is one of the largest suppliers of ammunition for the army among private Ukrainian businesses. The country’s defenders received 25,000 helmets and 150,000 body armors from the company, most of which are produced in Ukraine.

For this purpose, the group’s enterprises established their own production of steel for armor plates.

In addition, the company Metinvest-SMC supplies hot-rolled sheet for the production of elements of rigid protection of equipment – off-road vehicles, medical transport, utility vehicles and other equipment operating in the shelling zone. Recently, Metinvest developed armored shields that protect operators of large-caliber weapons from enemy fire.

The defenders of Ukraine were also given:

  • about 1.7 thousand thermal imagers;
  • 1 thousand drones;
  • 315 cars, including ambulances;
  • 1 million liters of fuel for vehicles;
  • more than 31,000 hemostatic tourniquets and first-aid kits;
  • medical equipment, medicines and consumables.

On its own and in cooperation with partners, the company produced 2,500 field stoves. In addition, more than 7,000 Metinvest employees serving in the Armed Forces will receive warm winter uniforms – about UAH 12 million has been allocated for these purposes.

Together with the PULSE charitable foundation, the company promotes the development of tactical medicine in Ukraine. Metinvest allocated almost UAH 5 million to organize the training of military personnel in the combat zone.

One of the largest humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine was the «Saving Lives» project, which the company created in coordination with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. It has already helped almost 350,000 Ukrainians. Also, within its framework, the hospital was provided with medicines, equipment and consumables worth more than €240,000.

Humanitarian goods are also delivered to hospitals in Zaporizhia, Kryvyi Rih, Kamianske, Pokrovsk, and Avdiyivka under a separate program implemented by Metinvest and the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. The total amount of assistance to doctors within the framework of the two projects is about UAH 170 million.

Since autumn, «Saving Lives» together with the project to support prosthetics in Ukraine, Protez Hub, has been taking care of prosthetics for Ukrainians injured in the war. 18 people are already receiving assistance: company employees, military personnel, and utility workers. In addition, the project deals with the psychological rehabilitation of Metinvest employees and their families.

About 200 companies from all over the world joined the «Saving Lives» initiative. The total amount of assistance from partners exceeded €2.3 million.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the Ukrainian steel enterprises of the Metinvest group, including the joint venture Zaporizhstal, in 2022 set up the production of 24 new types of steel products.