460 tons of products produced at the 400/200 rolling mill are already awaiting shipment to the Ukrainian consumer

In September 2022, Kametstal Iron and Steel Works successfully set up the production of 4 types of round steel. The company’s press service reports about it on the Facebook page.

Within a month, setting up the production of circles with a diameter of 32, 34, 36 and 38 mm was launched at the rolling mill 400/200. The specialists calculated the technological parameters according to the requirements of the state standard in order to obtain high-quality and competitive products.

“The development took place in difficult conditions: due to problems with logistics during the war, steelmakers did not have the necessary materials for the implementation of new circles rolling. However, the specialists of the rolling production, technical management and calibration bureau used the materials that were available at the plant, worked efficiently and accelerated the production process,” the report says.

After the successful development of production at the mill, round steel is subject to mechanical testing. The laboratory assistants of the plant concluded that the products meet all the necessary requirements.

460 tons of new types of rolled products are already in stock and are awaiting shipment to the Ukrainian consumer.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal for the first time cast the cone and ring of the backfill apparatus’ bowl of the BF weighing 18 tons and 9 tons, respectively. The cast elements will be sent to the Zaporizhzhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant (ZFMP) for further processing and assembly of the backfill apparatus. After that, the structure will be installed on the blast furnace of the enterprise.

Before, the plant shipped the first batch of high-grade liquid argon to a third-party consumer in the amount of 19.5 tons. The plant reduced gas consumption in production, which made it possible to accumulate and ship it to the country’s market.