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Repair work was carried out at the charge preparation area in the sinter shop

Steel plant Kametstal in July overhauled two ore-grab loaders. This is reported in press office of plant on the Facebook page.

“The quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the iron ore pile, and the production and quality of sinter, directly depend on the operation of these units,” the report says.

Repair work was carried out at the charge preparation area, where an iron ore pile is formed with the help of ore-grab loaders for further production of sinter.

During the two-week repair of ore grab loader No. 7, specialists replaced 180 linear meters of tracks for the truck and all the inclinations of its movement. The steel structures of the truck itself were also restored and the material handling equipment was revised.

At ore grab loader No. 9, specialists completed a replacement of the cable and wire products of the unit and installed a new thyristor converter. They also repaired the bridge travel gears, electric motors, replaced the gears of the main lift mechanisms and the mechanisms for moving the truck.

“The overhaul of the equipment will ensure the trouble-free operation of both cranes, which will allow the sinter shop to continue to work uninterruptedly on the fulfillment of production tasks,” the message concludes.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in July Kametstal launched into work axle rolling mill, which was temporarily stopped. The mill was suspended due to the destruction of the Azovstal steel plant, which supplied axle billets to the enterprise. Recently, the plant agreed on the supply of axial steel with the Interpipe company.

Kametstal mastered the issue of a new type of product at the pipe procurement site – shaped profile MP-4, which was previously produced at Azovstal.