Overhaul is aimed at increasing the reliability of the equipment

In the sintering workshop of the Kametstal Iron and Steel Works, the equipment of sintering machine №12 is being overhauled. It is stated in the company’s press release on the Facebook page.

The greatest attention will be paid to the replacement of the plate conveyor, which is designed to transfer the finished agglomerate to the bunker overpass for further transportation to the blast furnace.

According to the work plan, six sections of the conveyor will be dismantled and new ones will be installed, the frame of the device and support racks will be repaired. Partial repair of cassettes and installation of almost 40 new support rollers is also expected.

Simultaneously with the overhaul of the conveyor, maintenance and revision of most nodes and mechanisms (push station, drive sprocket, gearbox) will be carried out. The conveyor fence and shelter in the main part will also be partially restored.

“Repair crews work around the clock. The overhaul is aimed at increasing the reliability of the equipment, increasing the maintenance period and extending the life of the conveyor,” the message says.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal for the first time produced large-sized gear wheels of the mixer crane’s drum, which will be used for major repairs of special equipment in the converter shop of the enterprise.

from the beginning of 2022, Kametstal has shipped more than 3,000 tons of grinding balls to European customers. The enterprise operates two ball rolling mills, which produce balls of different diameters, according to customer requests.