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The highest increase last month was recorded in prices for channels and beams — 7.8% and 4.6% respectively

The increase in prices for metals used in construction products averaged 3% in October against 11.6% in September. The increase in prices averaged 2–8% for various metal products in October.

These data follow from the dynamics of the consolidated index of prices for rolled products of construction metals, as reported by the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center association.

Prices for metal products in the domestic market started to grow again, following a fall that had lasted since June. The increase in prices with the breakdown by products is as follows:

  • channels — plus 7.8% to ₴28.8 thousand/ton;
  • beams — plus 4.6% to ₴31.6 thousand/ton;
  • angles — plus 3.1% to ₴27.0 thousand/ton;
  • hot-rolled sheet — plus 2.5% to ₴30.9 thousand/ton;
  • hollow sections — plus 2.1% to ₴34.3 thousand/ton;
  • round pipes — plus 2.1% to ₴34.6 thousand/ton.

Importantly, prices for metals used in the construction industry rose by 11.6% on average in 10M.

As reported earlier, in 2020, prices for metals used in construction rose by 72.2% on average. Currently, prices for rolled products for construction purposes are going down in the domestic market under the influence of global price trends. Earlier, analysts forecast a drop in prices for metal products in H2 2021.

Interestingly, apparent consumption of steel in Ukraine may increase by 3% to 4.72 million tons in 2021.