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From the first days of the Russian aggression, the company cared about the safety of personnel, maintaining production and contacts with customers

Centravis, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of stainless steel pipes, produced 5.5 thousand tons of products in January-May (-25.7% compared to the same period last year). In particular, during March-May company shipped pipes for the Hinkly Point C nuclear power plant, a facility under construction in the UK, and other orders for its customers, the company’s press service told GMK Center.

According to the CEO of Centravis Yuri Atanasov, from the first days of the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine, the company started implementing an anti-crisis plan. First, the company provided safety of employees. After – worked on maintaining the production and contacts with customers.

“We informed our partners about the situation, because everyone was shocked and did not understand what to do next. Of course, no one, especially in Europe, expected such a brutal war to happen in the 21st century. Every week we send clients letters about what is happening in the city, region and Ukraine, and about our actions in such difficult circumstances. Gradually, our team resumed part of production and found ways to deliver goods abroad by land. As a result, we have fulfilled our obligations to our customers and continue to do so now,” said the CEO.

Earlier GMK Center reported that the company noted an increase in pipe production after improving supply of billets. Centravis launched the production of pipes for the automotive industry, and was preparing to increase supplies of its products to the US after the abolition of 25% duty on metal products.

Following the results of 2021 the volume of production of the company made 19,43 thousand tons in comparison with 19,05 thousand tons in 2020.