Kharkiv Coke Plant

Kharkiv Coke Plant (Kharkiv CP) is the only producer of foundry coke in Ukraine. Kharkiv CP mainly operates on Ukrainian coal. It produces part of its export products on a tolling basis. The company applies wet quenching technology of coke production. Its chemical production was shut down in 2004.

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Shareholders: Aromaservis LLC — 50.5% Carbo Trading Limited — 49.5% Kharkiv CP is reportedly linked to businessman Oleg Zhuravskyi
Markets: Ukraine
Products: Furnace coke

Production capacity

Coke production 4 coke oven batteries, 232 thousand tons, of which 2 batteries are switched to hot preservation

Staff and wages

Number of employees 617 (2017)
Average wage* UAH 94,000 per annum (2017)

Charts and tables

Production results, thousand tons

2012 150 kt2012
2013 134 kt2013
2014 136 kt2014
2015 111 kt2015
2016 144 kt2016
2017 118 kt2017
2018 63 kt2018
2019 37 kt2019
2020 4 kt2020

Indicative sales structure by products in 2018

Indicative sales structure by markets in 2018

* structure of sales volumes, metric tons

Financial performance, $ million

Sales 58.0 41.6 20.8 21.8 20.1
EBITDA 6.6 5.1 3.4 2.5 0.8
EBITDA margin11.4%12.2%16.2% 11.5% 4.1%
Net income 0.71.0 0.4 0.10.1
Net income margin 1.3% 2.5% 1.7% 0.3%0.4%

Key facts


The Commercial Court of the Kharkiv Region ordered the Kharkiv Coke Plant to pay a fine of UAH 3.5 billion for work in 2019-2020 without a permit for polluting activities.

In December 2020, the court of first instance banned production activities at the Kharkiv Coke Plant. In 2021, the case is being considered in the court of appeal.


For all 12 months. 2020 Kharkiv Coke Plant produced 4 thousand tons of coke, most of the year was idle.


Kharkiv CP suffers from pressure from time to time — on the part of environmental campaigners demanding that the plant be closed as the largest environmental polluter in the city. Yet, according to the media, environmental monitoring, with the involvement of the State Environmental Inspectorate, found that the plant complies with the allowable air emission standards.


Owners of the plant reportedly changed in September 2019. The right to ownership for the property complex, mortgaged to Sberbank, was re-registered in the name of the creditor. Later, the plant was leased to Novomet trading house (later renamed as Novomet Coke Plant). The tenant company is allegedly linked to Sergiy Kuziara.


According to the media, in 2015, Kharkiv CP announced its plans to reconstruct three coke oven batteries and build a coke oven gas cleaning machine.


The plant reported that as a result of the modernization of three coke oven batteries, its gross emissions of harmful substances into the air decreased from 1,014 tons per year in 2003 to 388 tons per year in 2011.

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