World Steel Dynamics’ CEO revealed the key highlights on the upcoming European Steel Conference

On October 28-30, 2019, World Steel Dynamics and GMK Center are hosting the European Steel Conference at the Melia Milano hotel in Milan, Italy. This will be an international, high-level steel conference focused on the dynamics of European steelmakers and their customers within the global context. On the eve of the event, we asked Mr. Philipp Englin, what are the prospects of the EU steel market in years to come, why it was decided to hold the conference in Europe, which participants to expect in Milan and what insights guests may learn from the meeting.

What is the primary purpose of the conference? What is it about in the first place?

– The European Steel Conference is intended to be a forum for the discussion of the key strategic, commercial and technology-related issues facing the global and regional steel sector. WSD and its partners are bringing together senior executives from within the industry to discuss these issues and offer their perspectives of potential solutions and outcomes.

Why World Steel Dynamics chose Europe as a location for the conference? How it would be different from the similar WSD’s events in the USA?

– The European sector is exposed to the pressures derived from rapid changes in international trade patterns and tariff regimes. Furthermore, the rapidly evolving environmental regulatory demands from regional governments compound the challenges facing the European steel sector and position it as a leader in the development of breakthrough steelmaking technologies. This unique combination of circumstances has made organizing a conference in Europe a naturally attractive location.

What is the hallmark of the World Steel Dynamics` events? What makes them distinct from other industry events?

– WSD prides itself on putting together events that tackle the most important strategic topics while bringing together a unique combination of C-suite executive speaker/panelists and a similarly high-level audience. Our events are intended to be thought-provoking, informative and often even controversial given the importance of the subjects under discussion.

What is the key value of the conference for the participants and visitors?

– Our main value proposition is to inform the audience about the key issues facing the industry at an intellectually stimulating level, to provoke and instigate discussions around these issues and to create a networking environment for the executive leadership of the global steel industry.

What regions and countries will be represented at the conference? Leaders and representatives of which companies do you expect?

– WSD has 25 confirmed speakers that will attract 200+ industry executives to Milan, Italy. We hope to have a broad audience that includes participants from all over the world, including both Western and Eastern/Central Europe, Asia, the Middle East and even North America.

Do you expect speakers to talk about their mills` success or about the global market, protectionism etc.?

– At this year’s event, we hope to highlight four key issues/topics, including: global trade and the impact of European markets (protectionism, etc.); steel product innovation in the face of evolving customer requirements; carbonless steel and the sustainability challenge (impact of environmental regulations on steelmaking technologies and company strategy); and e-commerce in steel and its impact of the supply chain.

What are the prospects for the future development of steel industry and European steel market? Is there a renewed interest in region from the world players?

– WSD believes the EU sector remains a focal point of all the key issues facing the global steel industry such as trade/protectionism, the environment, etc. Given its robust intra-regional trade and the impact it has on global steel prices, the EU remains a focal point for the industry. The region’s leadership position, especially in driving the development of breakthrough steelmaking technologies and steel product R&D, makes the European steel sector the key region to observe in the years and decades ahead.