Good trends in construction works promise a rise in the domestic market of steel products

According to the data of the State Statistics Service, in January–February 2019, construction volume increased by 16.8% compared to the same period of the previous year, up to UAH 14.965 billion.

For comparison, the average monthly growth in construction volume last year was 6.5%. Last year, Ukraine’s construction volume totaled UAH 141.2 billion.

Good performance of the construction sector sends steelmakers a signal about continued growth of the domestic sales market for their products.

In 2018, steel companies supplied around 4 million tons of products to the domestic market, of which about 2.5 million tons were bought by the construction sector. The share of steel products and structures in the construction market grew.

However, mining & metals companies not only supply construction materials, but also place large orders for construction works.

For instance, the share of construction of mining and extractive facilities is about 16% of the total construction output over two months. The share of construction of steelmaking facilities is 3% of the total construction output.

For more details see infographics of GMK Center.