China remains the key importer of Ukrainian raw materials

In 2018, China remained the key iron ore market for Ukrainian steelmakers. Revenues of Ukraine’s mining & metals sector from shipments to the Middle Kingdom amounted to $652.6 million. The export flow however decreased by 11% compared to the previous year.

Poland ranked second by the value of imports of Ukrainian iron ore in 2018, $383 million. Ukraine’s exports of iron ore to this country increased by one third.

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Germany and Romania, with the total import volume of iron ore estimated at $1,567.6 million, ranked from the third to ninth position.

Among these countries, the demand for Ukrainian raw materials somewhat dropped only in Romania and Hungary. Other countries showed positive trends.

Japan rounded up the top ten largest importers of Ukrainian iron ore. Ukraine’s exports of iron ore to Japan in 2018 shrank by 6.6%, down to $97.3 million.

For more details see infographics of GMK Center.