steel production

Steel distributors in the EU are calling on producers to cut capacity

Steel production must be cut until the market returns to a balance between supply and demand
ArcelorMittal predicts a decline in steel production in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2022

The company expects to reduce production at its European facilities in the fourth quarter of 2022 by 1.5 million tons per year

The EU to set a price ceiling for electricity at €180 MWh

The cap will apply directly to the price of electricity produced by non-gas plants

Western sanctions had almost no effect on the work of the Russian iron and steel industry

After 6 months of war, steelmakers from the Russian Federation are experiencing difficulties with exporting products and buying spare parts for equipment

Turkish Ekinciler invests $25.2 million to increase the capacity of the steel plant

As part of the project, the company plans to increase the production of billets, rebar, wire rod and bars

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India’s steel export duty will act until at least December 2022

The effect of the export duty in the next few months will be a stabilizing factor in the market and will prevent its volatility

Exports of long products from Ukraine decreased 67.3% y/y over 8 months 2022

Due to the blockade of Ukrainian sea ports, the EU remains the main export destination
Türkiye to refuse investments in new steel projects

Due to the increase in electricity tariffs, Turkish steelmakers are trying to maintain their existing production capacity

The Pakistani government has received a request from China to buy PSMC for $1.5 billion

Representatives of four Chinese companies visited Pakistan with the aim of acquiring a controlling stake in the Pakistan Steel Corporation

Saudi Arabia to build three steel plants for $9.3 billion

The total production capacity of the enterprises will be more than 6 million tons of steel products per year
ArcelorMittal has no plans to stop production in Luxembourg

The plant has enough orders to continue its activities, the CEO of ArcelorMittal Luxembourg claims

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Japan’s JFE Steel and India’s JSW are planning a joint venture

The second largest steel company in Japan is looking to expand its presence in the Indian market

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