Inflation in Germany slowed down to 3.8% y/y in October

In September, the inflation rate exceeded 4.5%, and in August and July – 6%
Inflation in Germany slowed to 4.5% y/y in September

In August and July, the inflation rate exceeded 6% – 6.1% and 6.2%, respectively
Eurozone inflation slowed to 4.3% in September

Analysts predicted a slowdown to 4.5%
Eurozone inflation remained at 5.3% in August

Analysts predicted a slowdown to 5.1%
Eurozone inflation slowed to 5.5% in June

Experts expected a more moderate easing – to 5.6%
Eurozone inflation slowed to 6.1% in May

The indicator fell to a minimum since February 2022
Inflation rate in Ukraine slowed down to 0.2% in April

Compared to March 2022, inflation slowed to 17.9%
Eurozone inflation accelerated to 7% in April

At the same time, core inflation slowed to 5.6%
Inflation rate in Ukraine accelerated to 1.5% in March

Compared to March 2022, inflation slowed to 21.3%
Eurozone inflation slowed to 6.9% in March

Energy prices fell by 0.9% in March compared to February
Eurozone inflation slowed to 8.5% in February 2023

Energy price growth slowed to 13.7% in February
Core inflation in the Eurozone increased in January 2023

The rate of basic prices growth, according to Eurostat, reached 5.3%

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