H2 Green Steel raises €3.5 billion for project in Sweden

The company plans to build a steel plant that will use green hydrogen

Emirates Steel received 15% duty relief for Saudi Arabian market

ESA became the first company to be exempted from duty on steel sales in the UK

World scrap metal consumption in January-June 2022 fell by 8.4% y/y

The negative trend in demand for scrap is supported by the decline in global steel production

ArcelorMittal SA and Sasol have joined forces to produce green steel

The largest industrial companies in South Africa aim to achieve zero carbon emissions in the production by 2050
JSW Steel and Smartex will become partners in the decarbonization of steel production

JSW plans to reduce CO2 emissions intensity by 42% by 2030 compared to 2005 base year

Rio Tinto and Scania have agreed to develop unmanned quarry dump trucks

Rio Tinto plans to phase out new diesel dump trucks by 2030

ArcelorMittal has launched a decarbonisation project at a plant in Canada

Construction of new assets will be completed in 2026

ThyssenKrupp will supply green steel for Miele

The iron direct reduction plant to be launched in 2026

The EC approved a budget of €1 billion to support decarbonization in Slovakia

The funds will be directed to the reduction of carbon emissions in steel industry

A solar plant with a capacity of 250 MW will be built for U.S. Steel plants

Commercial operation is planned at the end of 2024
The EC will allocate €1 billion in state aid to Germany for the decarbonization of Salzgitter

The steel company plans to modernize existing facilities and build a large plant for the production of green hydrogen

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