The queue on the railway in the direction of Reni has grown to more than 730 railcars

Ukrainian Railways (UZ) strives to improve the transfer of goods from the Reni station abroad – currently the situation with their accumulation remains difficult. This was discussed during a meeting of representatives of UZ and carriers of Romania and Moldova, informs Rail.Insider.

As of June 15, 2023, the queue on the railway in the direction of the Reni station has increased to more than 730 railcars due to low indicators of the transfer of rolling stock to Giurgiulesti and Galatsi. Currently, approximately 70 railcars are unloaded at the port per day, while the transfer to Giurgiulesti and Galati is 1.5 trains. On August 15, 400 railcars were headed for Galatsi, 251 of them with wheat. There is also an accumulation of steel and iron ore –  about more than 200 railcars of each of the nomenclatures. In addition, one locomotive of the Railways of Moldova operates in the Reni – Giurgiulesti direction.

Deputy Director of UZ Commercial work department Valeriy Tkachev raised the issue of improving the situation with the transfer of goods from the Reni station abroad. According to the representative of the railway of Moldova Volodymyr Serbinov, the railway workers of the country appealed to their Romanian colleagues with a request to allow the formation of combined trains with cargo for different carriers, but this is not possible, therefore, one has to go for the railcars of a separate operator. In addition, Serbinov noted that each carrier has its own rate of cargo acceptance per day and is unable to increase this volume.

During the meeting, the issue of the final ratification of the agreement on non-stop traffic between Ukraine and Moldova was also discussed – last week the Ukrainian government approved the corresponding draft law. According to Serbinov, this will help unload the Reni station, because only cargo for the port will go here. At the same time, other trains will be prepared in Basarabyaska and will go directly to Galati without stops.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ukrainian Railways since August 7 has imposed restrictions for the coordination of plans for loading new railcars for individual recipients at the Izmail STP. It was about recipients whose waiting list exceeds 30 days.